5 Web Traffic Techniques That Can Get You Banned

Nothing is more frustrating than investing months of effort into your website, watching your audience grow, and exhaling a sigh of relief at the success of your website, only to find yourself removed from Google’s search results one day. However, this is the reality that many websites face because they are unfamiliar with search engine optimisation standards (SEO). Continue reading to find out whether you’re committing these 5 SEO blunders that can have your hard work gone overnight.

Excessive keyword stuffing is mistake number one
Although using keywords correctly can help you rank better in Google’s search results, filling your content with keywords can have the opposite impact. For example, suppose you own a firm that sells charcoal masks. If you’re new to keyword research, your possible blog post might look something like this:

There are numerous advantages to using charcoal masks. When used on a daily basis, these charcoal masks can significantly improve your appearance. Please browse our online assortment of charcoal masks for some of the top charcoal masks on the web.

This type of content adds nothing to the user’s experience. And seeing stuff like this appear frequently in Google’s search results may cause less people to use Google.

So don’t go too far with that. Keywords should be used sparingly. Keep in mind that the keyword density of your content is a very small portion of Google’s algorithm for ranking search results.

2nd Error: Copying Content
Plagiarizing someone else’s work is an evident stumbling block that few people would willingly do. Those who have no moral qualms about publishing content that already exists on another site risk being excluded from search results. Many content creators, however, are unaware that doing the same with their own work might have comparable outcomes.

For example, if you write a blog article and allow a website with higher user traffic to publish it in order to enhance your audience, you should anticipate to be eliminated from search results. Google strictly monitors duplicate content, and if it detects two posts on distinct websites, the more popular website will usually remain in Google’s search engine.

Create original material if your goal is to enhance visitors to your own website and PageRank. Then, post it on the website you want them to visit.

Mistake 3: Purchasing Links
Having others share your material can help your website rank higher in Google’s search engine. Typically, in the form of hyperlinks. There is no reason why other sites should not share a link to your content if it is of high quality. As a result, your PageRank will organically rise. Paying someone else to host a link to your website, on the other hand, negates the purpose of generating quality material.

As a result, if you don’t want to be removed from Google’s index, you should avoid exchanging money, products, or services for links.

4th Error: Hiding Text
So you’ve realised that cramming your content with keywords turns off readers. So you decide to keep packing your content while making it invisible to your viewers (usually done by changing text font or color). The search engine will pick up on your keywords, but users will view the visually appealing, but irrelevant, material that appeared at the top of their search results.

While this method may go undiscovered at times, Google takes any allegations of hidden text carefully. And the culprits will be punished properly.

5th Error: Cloaking
Cloaking deceives search engines into believing that a website contains material that it does not. This implies that search engine crawlers, who ultimately determine your website’s PageRank, view a different version of your website than actual users do. This is accomplished by determining the IP address of the website visitor and displaying a version of your website based on it.

Search engines, for example, will receive a page full of HTML text. Humans view a visually pleasing website with multimedia features that algorithms cannot identify.

This is prohibited and will result in your Google account being suspended.

What we’ve learnt from these 5 SEO blunders

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