7 Free Tools for Analyzing Website Traffic

In todays post we look at 7 Free Tools for Analyzing Website Traffic. Do you want to know how many people visit a website? Understanding how to check website traffic for any site will assist your company in learning from competitors and optimizing your marketing strategy.

When you examine a competitor’s traffic, you will notice:

Their total number of visitors and the evolution of their traffic over time
The keywords that are generating the most traffic
Their most popular pages
The pathways via which their visitors arrive Website traffic checkers are tools that allow you to evaluate the traffic of any website in the world.

These traffic checkers collect data from a variety of sources, including web spiders, ISPs, and browser extensions, among others.

A lot of data is required to provide an accurate view of a website’s performance, which is why smaller sites may not appear when you search for them in a traffic checker. However, for websites with consistent traffic, site checker tools can be a valuable asset in terms of planning and growing your business.

Top 7 Free Website Traffic Monitoring Tools

SEMRush is number one.

SEMRush is a comprehensive suite of online marketing solutions. The platform includes a comprehensive set of tools for everything from backlink research and content creation to SEO audits and ranking tracking. Their Traffic Analytics service, for example, can be used to analyze competitor website traffic.

SEMRush is available in both premium and free editions. You can examine up to ten traffic overview reports each day using the free edition of SEMRush’s Traffic Analytics.

The overview tab will show you essential stats for the website you’re looking at, such as:

Total number of visits
Visitors who are one-of-a-kind
Average visit duration Pages per visit
Rate of Bounce
Bulk Traffic Analysis is a feature that allows you to check the traffic for several websites at once. You can add up to 200 websites to a single report, which can then be exported to. csv.

2 – Related Web

Similar Web is a traffic intelligence tool designed to give users with a complete study of the visits to any website. While some of the other organizations on our list include a variety of SEO and marketing tools, Similar Web is solely focused on website traffic research.

SerpStat 3

Serpstat is an SEO solution package that has evolved from a simple keyword research tool to now give users with a more comprehensive collection of tools to evaluate the performance of their website. Backlink analysis, rank tracking, site auditing, and traffic checking for other websites are all part of this.

The platform is available in both free and paid editions. You must first create an account by giving an email address, phone number, and password before you can use the free version of SerpStat. After creating your account, you may enter any website into the search area on the homepage and begin studying its traffic.

Sitechecker Pro 4

Sitechecker is an SEO solution that includes a number of tools to assist businesses in improving their search performance. The most significant elements of the platform are the Site Monitoring, Rank Tracker, and Backlink Tracker tools, which are all included in its subscription price options.

It does, however, offer a number of free tools, like its Traffic Checker, which can be used to assess the internet traffic of any domain you supply. Simply go to Traffic Checker and enter the name of the website you wish to investigate.

5 – WebCEO

WebCEO is a powerful set of SEO tools built for businesses and people that want to manage several projects with a single solution. WebCEO differs from the other tools on this list in that it does not allow you to directly search for traffic statistics from another website.

Instead, users start a project with their own website and then evaluate the traffic of connected sites using the Competitor Metrics tool.

SERanking 6

SERanking is an all-in-one SEO tool that allows customers to study keywords, track ranks, and analyze global website traffic. When you search for a website, you will obtain a brief overview of the site’s total organic and paid traffic every month, as well as the total number of keywords for which the site ranks.

SERanking also lists all of the website’s ranking keywords, top-performing pages, and a breakdown of its main organic and paid competitors. The quantity of data you can view in the free edition is limited, like with the other options on this list. In the organic keywords and top page reports, for example, only the top 10 results are displayed.

UberSuggest is number seven.

Ubersuggest is an SEO system that allows customers to conduct keyword research, plan content marketing, and analyze competition website traffic. The platform is available in both free and paid editions.

Ubersuggest’s free edition allows you to search for three websites every day. To view the traffic to a website, enter the domain into the search area on the Ubersuggest homepage.

How to Analyze the Traffic on Your Website

The technologies we’ve discussed solve the question of how to check competitors’ website traffic. However, it is as crucial to constantly monitor the traffic to your own website.

There are various free options available to evaluate the traffic on your website.

Analytics by Google
Google Analytics is one of the most well-known. You may utilize the platform’s rich reports to track traffic sources and user behavior on your site.

It shows you your visitors’ demographic information such as age and gender, where they live, and how they found your website.

You will need to add a basic tracking code to your website in order to use Google Analytics. There are various plugins available to help you if you have a WordPress site.

Google Analytics can be integrated with some of the solutions on this list, allowing you to connect your website data to a more comprehensive solution to compare against competitors.

The Google Search Console
Google Search Console is another useful free tool for analyzing your website’s traffic.

Google Search Console is simply a control panel for managing how Google treats your website. You can examine whether pages are included in the index and if Google’s crawlers encounter any problems while trying to reach your website.

The tool provides a comprehensive list of the keywords for which your website ranks, and you can track performance over time to see how your rankings change and which pages drive the most traffic to your website.

I hope you enjoyed my article on 7 Free Tools for Analyzing Website Traffic.

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