Low Cost Advanced Website Traffic Tactics

There are numerous ways for a prospective buyer to find your website.

There are search engines, advertisements, media marketing, and a plethora of other options. With such a large area to cover, there must be a more robust method of determining where to devote your resources to drive visitors to your website!

So I did the research for you. I’ve compared some of the most prevalent strategies to assist you determine the best strategy to attract traffic to your website. Remember, relevant traffic means SALES.

1 – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) (SEO)

To cut a long story short, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was created when an increasing number of competitors opted to build their own business website at the same time. With search engines giving numerous pages of results, being at the top of those listings has suddenly become critical for success!

SEO can be an expensive service, depending on a variety of criteria. However, if you only sell LOCALLY (for example, in London, UK), it will be considerably easier because you will only be dealing with one place, one language, and one audience.

Aside from geography, it all depends on your business niche. If you only have one global competition or if you sell fairly common products or services, the amount of work required to “rank” your website may vary substantially.

Price and delivery time can vary depending on the scope of your website. SEO optimisation for a website can range in price from $500/€400 to $5,000/€6000 each month (which is why more and more SEO companies are now offering a “No win, No Fee” guarantee).

Ranking your website could take a few weeks to a few months, but the important issue is maintaining that ranking over time. As a result, SEO should always be done on a monthly basis.

The good news is that if your site ranks well, you will receive a LOT of relevant traffic (which will result in a lot of $$$$$) while sending far less traffic to your competitors’ websites.

TIP: If your niche is small enough, SEO is your best bet for earning money and generating leads.

2 – Pay Per Click (PPC) Promotion

Pay Per Click means that you pay each time someone clicks on your ad on the internet (and only when they click). In comparison to SEO, PPC is an online marketing tool that allows you to rapidly attract visitors to your website. And just targeted traffic, i.e. potential consumers.

According to Google, the average cost per click for a Pay Per Click campaign was $0.92 in 2013, a substantial decrease from the $1.24 it was in 2010, and significantly less if you consider SEO as an alternative. Yes, you can BUY future clients for $0.92 on average (and not a reader, a browser, a comparer or time waster). If you sell products or services with a nett profit of more than $0.92 and your company can manage UNLIMITED sales, you should use PPC as I describe.

However, unless professionally managed, PPC isn’t as effective as some of the other strategies suggested in terms of increasing visibility. Only a skilled PPC specialist, in my experience, can avoid wasting money and target your Ads ONLY to your perfect buyer.

TIP: Use PPC when your firm is scalable and you can sell in large quantities, or when your products/services are of high quality. A few hundred dollars invested can provide a five-figure return.

3 – Use of Social Media

Things become viral and get noticed on social media (think Angry Birds, Farmville, and a plethora of other Facebook-related “things”).

Because people are “connected” on social media, this impact occurs. The average Facebook user will share a link with their 300+ friends. Because they are their friends, they are likely to have similar tastes and opinions, which will result in your link being reposted/shared by multiple individuals.

If this happened three times, your link would be seen by nearly 1,000 individuals. Increasing website traffic through social media is EXTREMELY fast – as long as all of your social media posts and photographs include a call to action to your website.

Because all major social media accounts are free, the only cost is your time. However, spending a lot of time on social media may not always get the results you want: social media “users” are primarily non-buyers, and all of the traffic you generate to the website may not result in the sales conversion you want.

TIP: If you have a wonderful business, social networking appears to be a NECESSARY tool for driving visitors to your website as well as increasing loyalty and trust. Don’t spend your time if you don’t.


To generate visitors to your website, you must choose between search engine optimisation, pay per click ads, social media, in-person networking, blogging, and referrals.

SEO provides excellent results and conversion rates, but the cost and time required to make changes to your website and content are prohibitive. Using social media is a less expensive yet highly successful method. Social media allows material to spread like wildfire throughout various buddy networks.

Finally, and most crucially, consider your target audience and where they are likely to go when deciding between these many tactics!